INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE NOT RETURNED OR EXCHANGED ( unless the product was sent damaged )

Return Terms

You can request a return of the products you have purchased on  (in parts or in whole) by sending them to us within fifteen (15) days from the date of your order, provided that they have not been used.

In the return process, the shipping payment belongs to the customer.

You can send the product to the following address with the cargo company of your choice

 Online Warehouse Return Adress: Mahmutbey Dis. Atlas St. No:4 Floor:1 Bağcılar/Istanbul

Tel: +90 543 303 85 06

[email protected]

After we receive your cargo, if the product has not been used, your return is made to the Credit Card you have made the transaction within 15 days at the latest.

No returns are made from our stores for online purchases.

Exchange Conditions

We do not have an exchange process. Only returns are made. After filling out a return request, you can re-order the new product you want.

How Do I Cancel or Return?

Create an Online Request from Your Membership Account For your order cancellation/refund requests, you can create an online request from My Account/Refund Requests area by logging in as a member. This way, we will be able to match your request when we receive your shipment. If you are not a member, you need to become a member so that we can start your return process.

' Pack the products in their original packaging with your securely printed e-archive invoice and the product label intact. Your invoice was sent to your e-mail address as an e-archive invoice after your order. For any questions, you can get support from our customer service at +90 543 303 85 06 during working hours.

Inspection and Warranty Coverage

If you encounter a problem with the products in your order that you think is not caused by the consumer, you can ship the product within your return period (15 days) with your invoice with our agreement code.

How many days is the product review period?

The review process for your product that reaches our review department is completed within 15 business days at the latest and you will be informed.

What is the Product Review and Rejection Result?

If a production-related problem is encountered as a result of the inspection, your product will be exchanged or refunded according to your request. In case of a user-related problem, your product will be sent to your address registered in the system.

How is the Review Product Sent to Our Warehouse?

Online Warehouse Return Address for your review products: Mahmutbey Dis. Atlas St. No:4 Floor:1 Bağcılar/Istanbul

Tel:+90 543 85 06


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